15m Air-beam Cube

A large, contemporary structure, perfect for conferences and corporate events.


85km/h Wind Rated

Power 32 Amp

Standing Capacity 370

2hr Installation

Conference Capacity 170

About the 15m Air-beam Cube

The 15m Air-beam Cube offers a massive 185 Sq meters of clear span, usable floor space and is a great alternative to your standard marquee. Offering many benefits over a Marquee such as rapid install and de-rig times, huge insulation properties and is cost effective to transport.

The 15m Cube can hold a maximum of 370 people, 170 seated guests if set up in a restaurant style configuration or up to 170 in a conference configuration. The unique and contemporary design of our air-beam structure means they can be lit with our coloured LED event lighting to create any colour scheme or reflect a brand or sponsors colours.

The 15m air-beam cube can be installed in just 2 hours by a small team of 5 people and is suitable for use both inside and outside.

All of Evolution Domes range of structures are wind rated to 85KM/H and fully compliant with CDM regulations.

Suggested usage for 15m Air-beam Cube

The 15m Air-beam cube is small enough to pack up and move easily, yet large enough to provide ample room. The 15m air-beam cube can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as on grass or hard standing. Below are a few suggestions for its many applications.

  • Product launches
  • Exhibition structure
  • Private party – birthday, anniversary, christening
  • Pop-up bar or food stall
  • Conference space
  • Seminare Theatre

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