8m Air-beam Cube

Small enough to pack up and move easily, yet large enough to provide ample room for tens of people.


85km/h Wind Rated

Power 16 Amp

Standing Capacity 88

1hr Installation

Conference Capacity 54

About the 8m Air-beam Cube

The 8m cube provides an impressive 49 Sq meters of usable floor space. It is a great exhibition structure, pop-up store, bar, catering or VIP and chill out area at events. This cube can be fully branded giving you a unique and eye-catching pop-up structure. The 8m air-beam cube can be used both indoors and outside, it is fully waterproof and can withstand winds of up to 85km/h. The unique and contemporary design of our inflatable structures mean it can be lit with our colored LED event lighting to create any colour scheme required.

The 8m air-beam cube can hold a maximum of 88 people standing. When set up for a conference, with seating and stage, the 8m cube can accommodate 54 seats. This also applies to a restaurant-style set up, with 5 tables of 10. For an exhibition, the air-beam cube can hold approximately 54 people at a time.

Suggested usage for 8m Air-beam Cube

This Exhibition Structure is small enough to pack up and move easily, yet large enough to provide ample room for tens of people. The 8m cube can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as on grass or hard standing. Below are a few suggestions for its many applications.

  • Road shows
  • Product launches
  • Exhibition structure
  • Private party – birthday, anniversary, christening
  • Pop-up bar or catering

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