Air-Beam Structures vs Traditional Tent Marquees

Curious to witness the impressive speed and efficiency of our structures’ installation process?

We invite you to watch our captivating timelapse video, showcasing the seamless and rapid setup of our air-beam structures for this outdoor event. In just a fraction of the time it takes to assemble traditional marquees, our team effortlessly transforms an empty space into a stunning event venue. Prepare to be amazed at the agility and precision of our installation process. 

Why you should consider Air-Beam Dome over a Marquee Hire for Your Next Event

One of the key advantages of our inflatable structures is their strong yet lightweight design and full air-support system. Unlike cumbersome truss and rigging setups, our air-beam structures require no additional framework for installation. This not only reduces transportation costs but also allows for smaller crew numbers and swift installation and de-rigging times.

Safety is paramount in any event, which is why our air-beam structures boast an impressive wind-rating of 85kmph. Rest assured that your event will withstand nature’s elements while providing a comfortable and secure environment for your guests. Additionally, our structures are fully waterproof, ensuring that your event remains dry and enjoyable, no matter the weather conditions.

Versatility is another defining feature of our air-beam structures. Seamlessly join multiple units together to create unique and exciting event spaces. Whether you’re hosting a grand gala or an intimate gathering, our structures adapt to your vision, providing the perfect canvas for unforgettable experiences.

Even in the event of a power failure, our sealed air-beam technology keeps your structure standing tall. You can rely on our structures to remain inflated, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment for your attendees.

Upgrade your event experience and step into the future with our inflatable air-beam structures. Unleash your creativity, enhance your brand presence, and create awe-inspiring event spaces that will captivate your audience. Say goodbye to outdated marquee setups and embrace the superiority of air technology.

Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your next event. Let us help you transform your vision into a reality that will exceed all expectations.

Benefits of Choosing an Air-Space Event Structure

The Air-beam Domes all boast a beautiful architectural design that is eye-catching and unique. Our range of Air-beam Domes offers many benefits over conventional marquees:

  • The domes are all 85 km/hr wind-rated, so you can easily host events outdoors.
  • Our Air-bean Domes are completely waterproof, so your event won’t get rained out.
  • Each dome uses our integrated sealed air-beam system, so they won’t deflate if the power cuts out for any reason.
  • Installing and uninstalling Air-beam Domes takes a fraction of the time of a regular marquee tent.
  • The inflatable domes are easy and inexpensive to transport.
  • The insulating properties of the tent offer the ability to control the temperature.
  • Our domes have insulated wall cavities throughout, which create better acoustics and less sound bleed.
  • There are no beams or trusses used, so the entirety of the space is clear and open.
  • The domes are always installed by our safe, contractor-approved team.

We offer a range of Air-beam Domes from 6 meters right up to the fluid scarab, which is 24 m × 48 m and capable of holding 700 people for dining or 900 people seated theatre style.

Our Air-beam structures are unique and can therefore be printed with your company’s branding or custom imagery. They work superbly for corporate, brand awareness, and fundraising events.

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