Inflatable Dome Hire

Why an Inflatable Dome for Hire is Just What Your Next Corporate Event Needs

Our Air-beam Domes offer a unique and fresh approach to your temporary structure needs. Our domes are perfect for any event, big or small. An inflatable dome hire can be used inside large buildings or outside, depending on your requirements.

A variety of issues can arise when planning an outdoor event. Choosing one of our domes can negate many of these problems. If you are dealing with unpredictable weather, our domes can withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

Benefits of Choosing a Dome Tent

The Air-beam Domes all boast a beautiful architectural design that is eye-catching and unique. Our range of Air-beam Domes offers many benefits over conventional marquees:

  • The domes are all 85 km/hr wind-rated, so you can easily host events outdoors.
  • Our Air-bean Domes are completely waterproof, so your event won’t get rained out.
  • Each dome uses our integrated sealed air-beam system, so they won’t deflate if the power cuts out for any reason.
  • Installing and uninstalling Air-beam Domes takes a fraction of the time of a regular marquee tent.
  • The inflatable domes are easy and inexpensive to transport.
  • The insulating properties of the tent offer the ability to control the temperature.
  • Our domes have insulated wall cavities throughout, which create better acoustics and less sound bleed.
  • There are no beams or trusses used, so the entirety of the space is clear and open.
  • The domes are always installed by our safe, contractor-approved team.

We offer a range of Air-beam Domes from 6 meters right up to the fluid scarab, which is 24 m × 48 m and capable of holding 700 people for dining or 900 people seated theatre style.

Some Uses for our Air-beam Domes.

The Air-beam Dome range is perfect for enhancing any event. They can be used in a variety of applications. Here are some examples of what our clients have done:

  • A soundproof conference space on a show floor with an audience capacity of up to 900 people.
  • A training and demo zone within a large exhibition space.
  • A product launch and promotional event outdoors.
  • A temporary structure housing a corporate event.

Consider Air-Beam Dome Tent Hire for Your Next Event

Our Air-beam structures are unique and can therefore be printed with your company’s branding or custom imagery. They work superbly for corporate, brand awareness, and fundraising events.

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